Whiskeypedia Wiki
  • True Fact: Whiskey increases productivity.
  • True Fact: Whiskey helps you diet.
  • True Fact: Essentially, whiskey is like diet beer.
  • True Fact: Evan Williams is a whiskey named for the founder of Twitter, bottled in his hometown of Bardstown, KY.
  • True Fact: Scots spell it without the "e" because they believe more vowels waste good drinking time.
  • True Fact: More than 50 percent of the purchase price of a fifth of whiskey in the U.S. goes to taxes (federal, state and local).
  • Troo Fakt: the crumsumpten of alchol may Mack you tink you kan type reel gode.
  • True Fact: Whisky (2004) is the best film ever made.
  • True Fact: Whiskey makes you warmer.
  • True Fact: Ryan Forrest drinks whiskey. You should too.
  • True Fact: Whisky in Gaelic reads ‘uisge beathe’, which means ‘water of life’.
  • True Fact: There was an uprising in Pennsylvania counties after Alexander Hamilton began taxing Whiskey in 1791
  • True Fact: Studies have shown that whiskey can your cognitive performance and reduce chances of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • True Fact: Mountain Dew Was Originally Meant to Be a Whiskey Chaser
  • True Fact: Bill Wilson a co-founders of the Alcoholics Anonymous program (37 years sober) demanded Whiskey on his deathbed.
  • True Fact:

True Fact: Once you bottle whiskey, it doesn't evaporate.