Rebel Yell
250px-Rebel Yell




Bernheim Distillery


Kentucky, United States


40% alc/vol; 80 Proof



Rebel Yell is a brand of Kentucky made Straight Bourbon Whiskey that is made using more wheat than most Bourbons. The brand name is currently owned and marketed by Luxco, and the bourbon itself is distilled and bottled under contract by Heaven Hill at its Bernheim distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. Rebel Yell is bottled at 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof)

The original company that produced the brand was founded in 1849 by William Larue Weller, who pioneered using wheat instead of rye in his mash for a different flavor than the older style of bourbons. The "Rebel Yell" name was created by Charles R. Farnsley (a former mayor of Louisville) around the 100th anniversary of the company, with the idea to distill it in limited batches for exclusive distribution in the south. This plan lasted until the early 1980s, when the brand was purchased by the David Sherman Corporation of St. Louis, Missouri (now Luxco). By 1984, Rebel Yell was distributed nationally.

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