Whiskeypedia Wiki

Welcome to Whiskeypedia! This is a wiki that anyone can edit, and we encourage you to contribute. Here are some suggestions for getting started.

What needs help?[]

You may find "stub pages" on Whiskeypedia -- meaning, pages that were created and categorized but that don't have much content at all. A quick way to find these is to check Special:ShortPages.

The ideal page should include an infobox, a clear description, and a great image. It's always better to post pictures and text you've created yourself, rather than borrowing from elsewhere on the web. If you borrow, it's good practice to leave a note about where it came from.

"Whiskey" vs. "Whisky"[]

You might notice that there are two different spellings in use here: whiskey and whisky. We've decided to use "whiskey" (with an e) for the name of our wiki and whenever we describe whiskey in general. However, when describing a region or brand that uses "whisky" (without an e), we try to use that spelling.

Which regions use which spelling? (a cheat sheet)
Whiskey: United States, Ireland
Whisky: pretty much everywhere else.

Tasting Notes[]

Early in the development of Whiskeypedia, we added tasting notes as part of the page's content, and you will still find some unconverted instances of this. After further contemplation and discussion, we realized that tasting notes could really bloat the core content, and decided that article comments are a perfect place for tasting notes to go. We encourage new contributions in this manner.

Please don't remove existing tasting notes from content and post in comments, as the original author's identity won't be recorded. Those of us with such artifacts will over time convert them.

Edit Responsibly[]

In wiki culture, it's often suggested to avoid editing under the influence, and surely with good reason. That said, having a tasting ceremony with friends and consuming in moderation is completely acceptable practice on Whiskeypedia, and is in fact the only way significant amounts of content have been created.

After all, this is a wiki for enthusiasts of fine spirits, and there is no way to contribute tasting notes or truly discuss properties such as peatiness and smokiness without having a taste! Further, having a particular bottle in a non-empty state is a great opportunity to create original artwork. The Whiskeypedia team has even found that bartenders are often not only willing, but eager to allow you to photograph bottles in their natural habitat.

Please just try to maintain the content quality we now have, and remember that you can always make notes into a text file or word processor to transcribe into the wiki later.

So if you find yourself bringing home a fresh bottle of a rare brand, or sampling a hard-to-find distillation in a pub or club, take a photo, jot some notes, and help contribute to the world's fastest growing and most authoritative source of information on the magical spirit we call Whisky, or sometimes Whiskey.