George DickelEdit

George Dickel is a brand of Tennessee Whiskey distilled in Cascade Hollow, Tennessee, near Tullahoma.  It is unique in that it is filtered through wool blankets in addition to the more traditional filtering processes, and is chilled prior to distillation, in honor of the namesake original maker's discovery that whiskey which he had made in the winter was invariably superior to that which he made using identical grains and the same process in the summer.  He only distilled in the winter months upon learning this, which is highly impractical in today's competitive environment, so the chilling was added to the process as a compromise.

Dickel is still 90 American proof (45% ABV).  It is produced and aged at the Cascade Hollow facility, but bottled at the Schenely works in Louisville, Kentucky.  The current facility was begun in 1962, after whiskey distillation was re-legalized in Coffee County.  It was shut down for several years at the beginning of the twenty-first century to allow inventories to be bought down without large amounts of the product having to be sold at "liquidation" price levels.

There are currently two widely-sold products, the popularly-priced white label and the premium black label.