Evan Williams


Bourbon Whiskey


Heaven Hill


Kentucky United States




Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Super-Premium Bourbon Although bottled in Bardstown, the product is distilled at the Heaven Hill distillery in Louisville.

Most Evan Williams bourbon is sold as the mass-market "Black Label" variety, which is aged 5 to 7 years.[1] The company also bottles several other expressions, including a "White Label" that is bottled in bond, an "Evan Williams 1783" bourbon produced in more limited quantities, and a nine-year-old single barrel bourbon sold in vintage-dated bottles sealed with black wax.

As of June 21, 2010, Evan Williams was the second largest-selling brand of Kentucky straight bourbon (behind the Jim Beam brand) but had the fastest-growing market share among the top-volume American whiskey brands, with a 12.4% sales growth rate, according to a press release issued by the producer citing A.C. Nielsen Scantrack 2010 data.[3][4]

Evan Williams Black is 43% alc/vol (86 proof), unlike some popular whiskeys bottled at the statutory minimum of 40% alc/vol (80 proof).