Early Times




Station, Kentucky




40% alc/vol ; 80 proof



Early Times is a brand of Kentucky whisky produced by the Brown-Forman Corporation. The whisky sold under this brand name outside the United States is labelled as bourbon, while most of the brand bottlings sold within the U.S. do not meet the qualifications for marketing as a bourbon and are just labeled as Kentucky whisky. Whisky sold under this brand name was first distilled in 1860. During the prohibition of alcohol in the U.S., its manufacturer was one of only five whisky producers that were exempt from the law, having been designated as producers of "medicinal whisky".

The Early Times Whisky brand production started at a place called Early Times Station, Kentucky. The Kentucky water surrounding the "Station" was used for making the whisky. The water naturally filtered through limestone springs which the company says makes it rich in minerals that add flavor and help with fermentation. Early Times was not very popular until 1920 when Congress passed the Volstead Act and Prohibition began. The brand prospered due to its maker having a license to continue its production.

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