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Bill Murray drinking Suntory Whisky

In the film Lost in Translation, Bill Murray's character is visiting Japan on business. Aging actor Bob Harris has been hired to advertise Suntory's Hibiki 17 whisky. Director and Writer Sophia Coppola wrote the film with Bill Murray in mind for the role of Harris. We can only assume this was done because he is a classy badass who looks awesome with a glass of high-end whisky in his hand. I mean, just look at him.

Suntory Time[]

The film's title is underscored during an exchange between the director of the whisky commercial and Bob Harris:

Mr. Bob. You are sitting quietly in your study. And then there is a bottle of Suntory whisky on top of the table. You understand, right? With wholehearted feeling, slowly, look at the camera, tenderly, and as if you are meeting old friends, say the words. As if you are Bogie in Casablanca, saying, "Here's looking at you, kid,"—Suntory time!

Lee Van Cleef in Suntory CM (1980s)

This has led to an outgrowth of Bill Murray fans yelling "Suntory Time!" and ordering Suntory whisky beverages at their local bar. Also, similar to the "icing" trend, where friends are forced to drink Smirnoff Ice beverages in public at the behest of their friends, in many social circles, telling a friend that it's "Suntory Time" will force a friend to take a shot of Japanese whisky.

Hillary Clinton being told, "It's Suntory Time" by Madeline Albright (out of shot)